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Jerry grew up in Hoover, AL, a suburb of Birmingham, where he was the second oldest of 5 siblings. Like most kids in Alabama, Jerry spent much of his formative years in a ball park.  Following in his father’s footsteps, Jerry became a star athlete in both baseball and football.  Excelling as a pitcher, it was expected by most that he would continue on the baseball track, but Jerry’s path and passion began to change when at the age of ten a family friend introduced him to hunting.  Quail hunting for the first time, he was handed a 10 gage shotgun and killed with his very first shot.  The quail wasn’t the only thing that ended up on the ground, but Jerry couldn’t wait to get up and shoot again. At the age of 15, Jerry hung up his cleats for good and spent every available moment experiencing everything the great outdoors had to offer.  He soon learned that he loved fishing as much as hunting and is grateful that he has been blessed with resources to explore each in ways most people could only dream about.

The lessons and successes of those early years with sports and the great outdoors carved a bright future for Jerry by instilling in him the qualities necessary to start a marketing career in the insurance industry. His first year in sales, Jerry was top producer in the country, a feat he repeated many times for various companies.  After working in sales for 30 years, Jerry began the move up the corporate ladder.  Moving up meant moving around, and while in Phoenix, AZ in 2005 Jerry made the bold choice to leave this lucrative corporate career and open his own insurance marketing firm, Medicare Advantage Specialists, Inc. With Jerry as President and CEO of Medicare Advantage Specialists, Inc., it has grown into one of the largest and most successful national insurance marketing firms in the senior market.

Jerry’s passion for the outdoors over the past 40+ years and the success he has had in the insurance industry have encouraged and enabled him to experience some of the most exciting hunts offered with top outfitters within and outside of the United States. Jerry has always been known as a man with a big heart and deep compassion for others. It was his compassionate spirit for those less fortunate that helped trigger the development of The Bucket List Outdoors TV Show™, a reality outdoor show.  Together with friend Larry Welch a decision was made to invest in their expert skills and friendship and follow their dream of having their own outdoor show. The desire was to develop a show with an innovative reality format that would appeal to an entire household; one that would engage the viewer with a suspenseful theme and true characters…four men with real jobs and supportive families going through life’s ups and downs while following their passion. The Bucket List Outdoors TV Show™ successfully premiered first quarter 2012 on the Sportsman Channel and are now in their sixth season as a third and fourth quarter series. The Bucket List Outdoors TV Show™ Team has since grown with additional talent including - Dale Larson, Larry Welch, and Jared Chesnut.

Jerry is the father of one son, Matt, who is employed in the family business and enjoys hunting with his dad. Matt and his wife, Krissie, have given Jerry the greatest blessing in life… two grandchildren Braiden and Lillian Grace.

dale-larsonDale Larson is a nationally known bow hunter, trophy whitetail hunter known for harvesting four whitetail over four consecutive years measuring over 850+ inches,, outfitter, licensed hunting & fishing guide, wildlife manager, seminarist and outdoor writer who shares invaluable strategies and knowledge on hunting trophy whitetail. He has successfully harvested trophy elk, mule deer, bear and antelope, and is also an avid turkey hunter. Dale enjoys all of the outdoors, including fishing, photography, and videography.

LARRY-WELCHLarry grew up in Hueytown, Alabama which provided abundant opportunities to develop his love for hunting, fishing and the outdoors in general. At the age of six, he began hunting rabbit, squirrel, and even a little coon. Rabbit hunting soon became his favorite sport and is a hobby he still enjoys today. Larry’s true passion, deer hunting, came later as he claims that there were hardly any deer around to be hunted back then! Larry and Jerry Klamer have been friends for 40+ years.